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1 Kernfragen: Multicore-Prozessoren in der Industrie Urs Gleim 2012-02-10 Frei 00:54:33
2 Efficiency Metrics and Bandwidth – A Memory Perspective Prof. Dr. Norbert Wehn 2012-02-17 Frei 00:54:00
3 Kernel Offloading for FPGA with Optimized Remote Accesses PD Dr. Alain Darte 2012-05-18 Frei 00:50:48
4 HOPES: A Model-Based Design Framework of Parallel Embedded Systems Prof. Soonhoi Ha 2012-05-21 Frei 01:00:13
5 Robust System Design Prof. Subhasish Mitra 2012-05-24 Frei 01:03:40
6 Programmability and Performance Portability for Heterogeneous Many-Core Systems Prof. Dr. Siegfried Benkner 2012-06-22 Frei 00:56:29
7 When does it get hot? Prof. Dr. Lothar Thiele 2012-07-06 Frei 01:04:56
8 Organic Computing - Quo vadis? Prof. Dr. Christian Müller-Schloer 2012-07-25 Frei 01:09:20
9 Large Scale Multiprocessing: NoCs to Supercomputers Souradip Sarkar 2012-10-19 Frei 00:57:23
11 Energy Efficient Real-time Embedded Systems Dr. Morteza Bilgari-Abhari 2013-02-26 Frei 01:01:15
12 Autonomie, Adaptivität, Selbstorganisation: Auf dem Weg zu Cyber Physical Systems Prof. Dr. Franz-Josef Rammig 2013-03-08 Frei 00:54:11
13 Timing Analysis for Real-Time Systems Prof. Dr. Reinhard Wilhelm 2013-04-26 Frei 00:43:38
14 A Short Story on Cyber-Physical Systems: From the Lab to Real-Life Prof. Dr. Samarjit Chakraborty 2013-04-26 Frei 00:38:29
15 Hardware and System Software Requirements for Multi-core Deployment in Hard Real-time Systems Prof. Dr. Theo Ungerer 2013-05-17 Frei 00:38:03
16 Using Synchronous Models for the Design of Parallel Embedded Systems Prof. Dr. Klaus Schneider 2013-05-24 Frei 00:55:12
18 Organic Traffic Control Prof. Dr. Jörg Hähner 2013-07-17 Frei 00:49:51
19 An Application-Specific Processor for Real-Time Medical Monitoring Prof. Dr. Philip Brisk 2014-03-21 Frei 00:59:44
20 Execution Stream Fingerprinting for Low-cost Safety-critical System Design Prof. Dr. Brett Meyer 2014-03-21 Frei 01:05:43
21 Heterogeneous Multi-cores in the Dark Silicon Era Prof. Dr. Tulika Mitra 2014-03-21 Frei 01:00:43
22 Efficient Computing in Cyber-Physical Systems Prof. Peter Marwedel 2014-06-27 Frei 00:56:09
23 Semantics and Concurrent Data Structures for Dynamic Streaming Languages Prof. Albert Cohen 2014-07-04 Frei 01:09:56
24 Making data flow, dynamically Prof. Twan Basten 2014-11-21 Frei 01:03:47
25 Accelerating Data Processing Using FPGAs Prof. Dr. Jens Teubner 2015-02-27 Frei 00:44:43
26 Predictability for Uni- and Multi-Core Real-Time/Cyber-Physical Systems Prof. Frank Mueller 2015-03-27 Frei 01:01:38
27 Building, programming, and validating low-power heterogeneous multi-core image processors Dr. Menno Lindwer 2015-03-27 Frei 01:00:04
28 Multi- and Many-Core Architectures - A Trip over a Bumpy Road Prof. Dr. Jörg Nolte 2015-03-27 Frei 00:53:04
29 Toward energy-neutral computational sensing - Challenges and opportunities Prof. Dr. Luca Benini 2015-04-10 Frei 00:56:24
30 Constructing Time-Predictable MPSoCs - Never Give up Control Prof. Dr. Peter Puschner 2015-06-12 Frei 01:00:09
32 Proof-Carrying Services Prof. Dr. Marco Platzner 2015-07-24 Frei 01:09:31
33 Dataflow based Design and Implementation for Multicore Digital Signal Processors Prof. Dr. Shuvra S. Bhattacharyya 2015-08-14 Frei 01:06:24
34 Energy-Efficient Algorithms Prof. Dr. Susanne Albers 2015-11-27 Frei 01:26:13
35 Elastic Computing - Towards a New Paradigm for Distributed Systems Prof. Dr. Schahram Dustdar 2016-01-29 Frei 00:59:24
36 Bytespresso, toward embedded domain-specific languages for supercomputing Prof. Shigeru Chiba 2016-03-04 Frei 00:50:40
37 Control-theoretic approaches to Energy Minimization under Soft Real-Time Constraints Prof. Martina Maggio 2016-05-06 Frei 00:51:05
38 Adaptive Parallel and Distributed Software Systems Dr. Pramod Bhatotia 2016-08-08 Frei 00:55:43
39 High-Level Synthesis and Beyond Prof. Jason Cong 2016-09-19 Frei 00:00:30
40 From tamed heterogeneous cores to system wide intrusion tolerance Dr. Marcus Völp 2016-09-30 Frei 01:02:57
41 Security Enhanced Multi-Processor System Architecture for Mixed-Critical Embedded Applications Dr. Morteza Biglari-Abhari 2016-10-19 Frei 00:39:44
42 Game-theoretic Semantics of Synchronous Reactions Prof. Michael Mendler 2017-03-17 Frei 00:56:47
43 Designing autonomic heterogeneous computing architectures: a vision Prof. Donatella Sciuto 2017-05-05 Frei 01:24:20
44 Applying Model-Driven Engineering in the co-design of Real-Time Embedded Systems Prof. Marco Wehrmeister 2017-10-05 Frei 00:52:02
45 Security in FPGA-Accelerated Clouds Prof. Dr. Christophe Bobda 2018-06-06 Frei 00:40:34
46 AnyDSL: A Partial Evaluation Framework for Programming High-Performance Libraries Prof. Dr. Sebastian Hack 2018-07-05 Frei 00:47:13

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