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Recording date 2020-06-05



Organisational Unit

Professur für Nanostructured Particles


Professur für Nanostructured Particles



Lecture content and timings
01:20 - Magnetic nanoparticles - Motivation
02:36 - (to supplement what I am saying here, take look at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEvVcaEmjjo )
06:15 - Applications of magnetic nanoparticles (Regarding whether ferrofluids were ever actually used in rocket propulsion plus other interesting application areas see here: https://www.magdev.co.uk/ferrofluid
18:25 - Origin of magnetic properties
23:19 - Curie law, Diamagnetism and Paramagnetism
30:15 - Materials with magnetic ordering (Ferromagnetism, Ferrimagnetism, Antiferromagnetism)
36:34 - Magnetic microstructure (Magnetic domains, magnetic free energy)
43:55 - Magnetic hysteresis
48:10 - Magnetic properties of small particles: Single domain limit
52:59 - Magnetic properties of small particles: Superparamagnetism, blocking temperature etc.
01:02:30 - Behaviour of magnetic nanoparticles in applied magnetic fields
01:06:03 - Demonstration of magnetic "chaining" due to dipole-dipole interactions between superparamagnetic beads
01:14:30 - Translation of magnetic nanoparticles in a magnetic field gradient (Magnetic separation)
01:16:55 - Behaviour of magnetic particles in AC magnetic fields 
01:20:00 - Magnetic nanoparticle (and more generally magnetic materials) analysis
01:26:07 - Determining fraction of magnetic material in a superparamagnetic sample
01:27:45 - Determining the particle size from fitting of magnetization curves
01:29:25 - Measurement of zero field cooled and field cooled curves (determination of the blocking temperature)
01:37:37 - AC susceptibility measurements
01:40:50 - Epilogue


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