10-SOP Lecture 10: Colloidal Self-Organization II (Self-organization in bulk liquids, through electrostatics and at fluid-solid interfaces)/ClipID:16351 previous clip

Recording date 2020-06-30



Organisational Unit

Professur für Nanostructured Particles


Professur für Nanostructured Particles



Content and timings

1:35 - Recap of the previous lecture
4:25 - Bulk assembly of isotropic colloids (introduction and fundamentals)
08:27 - Experimental observation of spontaneous crystallization of hard sphere particles
28:00 - Depletion-induced crystallization
33:38 - Electrostatic self-organization in stable colloids
42:20 - Heterocoagulation to form regular colloidal clusters
47:45 - Ionic solids from colloids
57:00 - Self-organization at solid-fluid interfaces - sedimentation
1:05:45 - Synthetic opal
1:07:33 - Self-organization in a thin liquid layer between two solid substrates

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