9-SOP Lecture 09: Colloidal Self-Organization I (Synthesis of monodisperse colloids for self-organization studies)/ClipID:16350 next clip

Recording date 2020-06-23



Organisational Unit

Professur für Nanostructured Particles


Professur für Nanostructured Particles



Content and Timings:

0:09 - Welcome and details about this part of the course
2:37 - About the lecturer: Research examples relating to self-organization (pigments, patchy particles, battery electrodes, transparent conducting electrodes)
18:34 - Motivation for particle self-organization through cube "particles", from macroscopic to nanoscopic
28:55 - Self-organization with spherical particles - possible applications
31:24 - Particle assembly - challenges
36:44 - Outline of lectures 9-12
44:57 - Synthesis of "classical" monodisperse spheres: 1. Stöber silica
1:06:00 - Synthesis of "classical" monodisperse spheres: 2. Polystyrene latex
1:13:59 - Synthesis of "modern" monodisperse spheres: 1. Gold nanoparticles (Brust-Schiffrin method)
1:21:04 - Synthesis of "modern" monodisperse spheres: 2. Semiconductor quantum dots (Hot injection method)
1:26:28 - Other methods for monodisperse particles (including non-spherical particles)
1:35:15 - Summary and close

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