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Recording date 2014-03-02





Organisational Unit

Lehrstuhl für Informatik 10 (Systemsimulation)





Visualization of a rigid body simulation of a waving flag consisting of 64x32 spheres located on 8 different processes. The spheres are marked with an individual color on each process. All spheres of the flag are connected with their top, bottom, east and west neighbors, if available, by angular and linear pair wise spring-damper systems, indicated by thin red cylinders. In total, this results in a large compound deformable object. At the beginning of the simulation, the spheres in the upper east corner get an initial backward velocity. For the rigid body simulation, a discrete element solver is used, which has been extended in such a way that the spring-damper systems can also extend over process domains. The time integration scheme of this solver is based on a truncated Taylor expansion.

Further information can be found at https://www10.cs.fau.de

By : Kristina Pickl

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